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The cultural industry mo yan to "go out" knowledge production

Author:Internet Time:2012-12-21

    "He is equivalent to the" literature in the Olympic Games' on had a breakthrough." "For Chinese literati speaking, this is a historic moment." On October 11,, a news from Sweden Stockholm in domestic raised a rare boom, Chinese writer, mo yan, has won the 2012 Nobel Prize for literature. Sweden college of liberal arts award word such evaluation mo yan: "he will magic realism and folk stories, historical and contemporary social integration together." 

Book market, and formed a "mo yan boom" 

    On October 11, in the evening, our reporter came to Beijing book building, hope to find the Nobel priority work, can the shelf mo yan's works has run out. Access to computer systems, display "sold out registration" state. Staff said, prior who also don't know the news, mo yan books to stock is not much, he winning news, stock has all the shelves, but soon in less than an hour, sold out. At present, the store is working with the publication of the relevant units to contact as soon as possible transfer, meet the demand of the readers. The staff here said, in the ordinary circumstances, from order to book shelf, fastest also want to about a week time. 

    Then, our reporter and in the wangfujing bookstore, SDX joint publishing company for STH., roughly the same. Mo yan's works once become hot, it is difficult to find a book. Wangfujing bookstore a person in charge said, mo yan won the Nobel Prize for literature, let the bookstore also some unprepared, in recent years rarely appear such circumstance. Now want to buy the book mo yan, need to be booked in advance. 

    Reporter login online bookstore, several large e-commerce sites situation also shows sold out, some famous e-commerce site in a prominent position mark "the 2012 Nobel Prize winner, a famous Chinese writer, mo yan's novel complete set" but behind but with small mark "open to booking commodity, expected arrival October 25," the inscription. In some old books online, mo yan works actually lucky mark for the high price of 100000 yuan. 

    "Any a writer is not to award and writing. The writer LiuZhenYun think, not the Nobel Prize for literature to the Chinese literature how big of honor, but the Chinese literature to the Nobel Prize for literature brought some rich things. 

Intellectual property rights, market value 

    "Mo yan award, and in recent years, China's best writers group is the world attention, and the level of intellectual property protection in China is closely related to the rapid promotion." Central south university of finance and economics politics and law of intellectual property research center, deputy director of the standing CaoXinMing professor in accept China's intellectual property rights news reporter interviews that, mo yan works market sell well, also is the embodiment of the intellectual property rights market value. 

    Quite interestingly, mo yan in more than ten years ago created a minister of more than twenty words of TV play manuscript. On October 11, mo yan won the Nobel Prize for literature in the original manuscript, 200000 yuan to 1.2 million yuan a night uplift. 

    "We will comply with the national laws, starts from me, strict self-discipline, not with pirates accountant do not support, support, not reading, don't spread piracy; strengthen personal works copyright self protection, any unit and individual, to use my literary works, the signing of prior and I work or authorized the use of party a license agreement, obtain authorization rear can use." For the work of intellectual property protection, mo yan has his own point of view. On December 21, 2009, mo yan and zhang kangkang, such as han han 94 Chinese writers signed the declaration of piracy ", calling for the whole society "against piracy, support the original". 

    As mo yan's works at home and abroad by readers hot holds, "mo yan" brand also began to concern. According to the query, at present in the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office registered successfully "mo yan" trademark has three. Is a medicine class, is a food and beverage categories, one is a garment. Among them, the garment registered trademark "mo yan" the applicant is hangzhou a clothing co., LTD. According to a Beijing asset appraisal company revealed that the registered trademark of the evaluation price is in 1 million yuan to 5 million yuan between. 

The cultural industry in development opportunities 

    "Mo yan, shows that the international literature on Chinese literature and the writer's attention, show that Chinese contemporary writer decades indefatigable practice and hard work, is an increasing international impact." Chinese writers association chairman tie ning is very sure mo yan for the China's culture industry "going out" positive significance. She thinks, this to the Chinese literature cause international more readers attention, research, understanding and interest, and Chinese and foreign literature communication, will have a positive influence. 

    "If you like Allan POE, that you might like mo yan of the sandalwood punishment"; if you tend to rabelais style, then you might like the wine country "; if like fable type to the novel, the I recommend the fatigue life and death "." Once the translation of English version of the novel 5 mo yan Sinologist gode sepp blatter will mo yan and British writer dickens, however, say many english-speaking readers love mo yan's novel, because of language and mo yan the use of images, and the human nature reveals profound and varied in style, full of satire and humor and attractive literature element. 

    According to Russian media reports, Chinese writer, mo yan "wine country" and so on the work before the end of this year will be published in Russia; There are more countries and domestic press is authorized publishers negotiation publishing mo yan's works. The personage inside course of study thinks, publishers maybe more market benefit from the start, and objectively, mo yan hot work, will surely become a cultural communication and the development of cultural industry an important opportunity. 
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