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China association for the study of intellectual property rights in the future will help Chinese enterprises to the world

Author:Internet Time:2012-12-21
    At that day shall be elected through the meeting of the 6th council, the state intellectual property office director TianLiPu was elected chairman. TianLiPu said, intellectual property has become a more and more countries support the development of strategic resources and leading the future industrial development key. Intellectual property organization will be in perfect government decision-making, service the enterprises and promote the international communication and cooperation to play more, unique role. 

    According to introducing, China's intellectual property rights research since its inception in 1984, condensed intellectual property rights experts talent resources, academic theory research made important progress. In recent years, according to the demand of enterprise knowledge popularization of intellectual property rights for enterprises "going out" of intellectual property rights, and provide early warning for the enterprise patent technology into real productive forces as bypass. In addition, international communication is expanding constantly, has with the United States, Japan and South Korea and other countries, such as intellectual property rights non-governmental organizations established a cooperative relationship. 

    Vice President of the supreme people's court XiXiaoMing said at the meeting, in recent years, the number of intellectual property in China is rising, many cases involving the market share and competitive strategy, and so on great interest relations, the relationship between enterprise survival, social concern is very high, such as baidu, apple and other cases. 

    According to the complicated competition environment and the intellectual property rights strategy development trend, was elected vice chairman of the standing of the state intellectual property office of the deputy director of GanShaoNing said, the next step to improve foreign intellectual property rights exchange, expand and foreign ngos cooperation, and know the trend of international intellectual property rights for our enterprises to participate in the international competition to provide better service. In addition, to improve the quality of academic research in specific industry development provide front information at the same time, strengthen the patent strategy, intellectual property rights strategy research, improve macro management field decision level.