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The 4th China enterprise rights protection and development innovation peak BBS "held in Beijing

Author:Internet Time:2012-12-21
    Autumn in October, all great. The 4th China enterprise rights protection and development innovation peak BBS "on October 23, 24 in diaoyutai state guesthouse YangGuangTing and the state council held the second hostel. The forum will attend the leaders, guests and enterprise representatives of more than 100 people. Big macro eagle inquiry business account management company general manager Mr. Li zheng should be near the event. 

    Since the reform and opening up, China's enterprises will continue to grow stronger, the influence to the world economy is becoming increasingly obvious. China's private enterprises also have mushroomed, grow rapidly, to our country's market economy bring full of prosperity, has become to promote China's socialist economic development and prosperity of the important strength. In spite of the international financial crisis of serious impact to the survival and development of Chinese enterprises has brought great difficulties and huge challenge, but the party and the government to deal with a series of crisis and challenge, to ensure sustained economic fast and steady development of the major move releasing, or to the further development of our country economy provides policy guarantee. Through the enterprise and the entrepreneur actively, crucial grams difficult, striving, independent innovation. Still achieved rapid development, and in promoting the economic growth and increase national tax, stability of urban and rural employment, promote social harmony, and promote common prosperity, improve the employment rate, etc have made great contributions. 

    But no doubt, Chinese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises in the development process or be obvious to all the difficulties. Legal environment not perfect, financing and enterprise management level is not high, the independent innovation ability is not strong, deal with the comprehensive competitiveness of business risk not bottleneck problems facing enterprise, make some enterprise hard to become bigger and stronger. China enterprise rights protection and innovation development peak BBS meeting objective, is pay attention to enterprise rights protection, leading the enterprise innovation and development. For enterprise's healthy development, fair competition discussion and create a good legal environment and harmonious environment. 

    Peak BBS by the China market to protect their legitimate rights and interests the expert committee. The Chinese market to protect the legal rights of business enterprise expert committee adhering to the "play group advantage, according to law, protect the rights to expand the business enterprise, promote social harmony" principle of service, give full play to human resources advantages, set many famous jurist, economists, professor, senior judges, senior prosecutors, senior police officer and senior lawyer team strength, for enterprises to provide authoritative legal services, as well as business management, production, management, marketing and other services. Perfect for the enterprise legal person governance structure, evaluate enterprise legal environment, to undertake major rights subject, demonstration complex hard case on the bold exploration; To protect their legitimate rights and interests from an unlawful infringement, and carried out the bear enterprise legal adviser, consulting research, special demonstration, case analysis, organization and coordination, public opinion support, media supervision, advice administrative intervention and a large number of theory research and practice. In to protect the legal rights of business enterprise to provide comprehensive, whole process service process, has accumulated rich experience and successful cases, has become China's enterprise and the entrepreneur's spokesman. 

    The four "China enterprise rights protection and development innovation peak BBS" successfully held by enterprises and entrepreneurs, to praise enthusiastically. Has been formed authority, high-end and pragmatic, the brand effect. 

    The ninth and tenth vice chairman of national political consultative conference to attend the opening ceremony of the LuoHaoCai BBS for the Chinese market and to protect the legal rights of business enterprise expert committee "key protection unit" Betty. The Chinese market YuXiaoSong association, chairman of the GaoTieSheng, China behavior law LiuGuChen chairman, China enterprise confederation executive President ChenLanTong speech at the opening ceremony. By the China market forum will learn to protect their legitimate rights and interests of the standing committee of experts deputy secretary general, deputy director of the HanWeiHong ZhangZhong host address. Our country famous economist ZhaoXiao, LiBaoMin, lawyer LiuChunTian, ZhouJiHua, granular, the enterprises will HanWeiHong, deputy director of the speech and enterprise representatives around social focus hot problem, Chinese enterprises' rights protection, rights protection way, innovation and development, social responsibility, the harmonious and lawful operations and a series of important topics for further discussion, Have a definite object in view to interpret the law, policy, explain this point of view, frankly and exchange ideas. Entrepreneurs will also meet their legal problem, management bottleneck, management risk and expert interaction, when facing experts consult law of crack. 

    Attend the forum and the central politics and law committee secretary general ShuHuaiDe and ministry of public security, the former vice minister HuZhiGuang law under China law society, former vice President in harmony, the Chinese market society vice-chairman GuoDong joy, and the Chinese market to protect the legal rights of business enterprise expert committee director ZhangGuoXue leaders. 

    The peak BBS for Chinese enterprise innovation development and win-win cooperation with moment. Business people said, to participate in the peak BBS, entrepreneurs to enhance the self-protection ability and to govern the enterprise level, and benefited a lot. 

    CCTV management observation channel for BBS provide media support. Legal service channel, and so on several news unit interviews, reported the BBS pomp. 
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